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Pastor Chris!

Dear UPC Friends – In-Person worship continues! 

Covid-19 Updates
With the recent changes made by the State of Ohio and the CDC, Session has updated the Covid -19 protocol for UPC.  


Effective this Sunday, June 6, 2021:

·The building is re-opened for Sunday School classes and meetings.  Please let Amy know if your group will be meeting in the building so she is aware of which rooms are used.  Each group must complete an attendance sheet. Copies are available in the office.

· When meeting in person, people are encouraged, but not required to wear masks, stay 3 feet distanced and avoid contact. 

·For Sunday School 12 years old and younger, teachers and students will continue to wear masks.

·Worship will continue to be held at 10:00 AM. Reservations are no longer needed to attend, however, people will be asked to sign in. People will seat themselves. Mask wearing is encouraged but not required. 3 feet distance will be maintained between groups.

·Musicians will continue to sing behind partitions for now. Congregation may sing with a mask on.

·Use of office hallway, bathrooms and entrance doors will return to normal.  Hand sanitizer will be located at all doorways and people should continue to use that upon entering the building.

·Packaged Panera goodies will be available on Sunday mornings.

We continue to be United in Christ, In Love and In Service.

The Session 


June 15th was an exciting day as Pastor Chris began his ministry with us!  This week he is busy organizing his office, setting up his computer and email and getting to know people. The church staff are helping him to settle in and make this a smooth transition.  We'll welcome the whole family at worship on Sunday, June 20th.  We're so glad you're here!

To contact Chris:
Phone:  330.221.0965

Chris will be taking Fridays off.