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Dear UPC Friends –

We hope all of you are staying safe and well.  It is an understatement to say that much has changed since we were last together. Even so, Sunday School classes have continued to meet by Zoom, committees and Session have kept the work of the church going and we have been able to find new ways to worship.  God has been present throughout and continues to be a source of hope in the midst of our uncertainties.  In this spirit of hopefulness, we have evaluated and, where needed, upgraded the UPC technology and safety precautions to the point that Session feels it is possible for us to return to in-person worship beginning on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

In making this decision, safety was our top concern.  PLEASE REVIEW PRECAUTIONS THAT WILL BE FOLLOWED to make this a safe experience for all:

  • There will be one worship service beginning at 10:00 AM Sunday morning.


  • Doors will open at 9:30 AM. Entrance and exit through one of the 3 Narthex doors ONLY. All other doors will remain locked.


  • Properly worn face masks are required for all preschool age children and older.  Those who do not or cannot wear a mask, should not attend at this time. Masks must be worn the entire time you are inside the building.


  • People will use hand sanitizer before entering the sanctuary. Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at the Narthex entrances.


  • Seating will be spaced at least 6 feet apart and ushers will seat you (family groups will be seated together.) When the service is over, ushers will designate when you are to exit.


  • Each person will deposit their own offering in a designated location. We encourage all to continue to mail your Offering to the church, attention Susie Souders.


If you wish to attend, please make a reservation.  To make a reservation, contact Tawnya in the church office by phone (330.923.9735) or her if you have trouble you can call her cell at (216.978.1560) or email ( by 4:00 PM Thursday of each week.  

Those without reservations will be admitted as socially-distanced seating is available.

  • You will be asked for a count of how many plan to attend with you. 

  • You will also need to provide your contact information. 

  • These steps will help us manage socially distanced seating and provide information needed to conduct contact tracing if someone tests positive for Covid-19 after attending a UPC worship service. 

We understand that some folks aren’t yet ready to return to in-person worship. For those who do decide to attend, understand that you do so at your own risk. Please put safety first!  

Do not attend if you:

  •  have been exposed to someone with Covid-19,

    • have any of the symptoms of Covid-19

    • have a fever of 100.3 or higher

    • are feeling sick in any way.

It’s exciting to offer this option for in-person worship! Worship will continue to be available online, streaming the service as it occurs at 10 a.m. or thereafter at your convenience.


We continue to be United in Christ, In Love and In Service.


The Session 


Rev. J. Christopher Mccurdy

April 12, 2021


Dear Friends,

The Pastor Nominating Committee is very happy to introduce Reverend J. Christopher McCurdy and present him as the candidate to be our next installed pastor. We’ve all waited a long time for this news!

From our first interview with Pastor Chris, we knew he was a special candidate. He answered our questions with stories, humor, insight and thoughtfulness and we connected with him right away. He was clear in wanting to find a congregation willing to partner with him in ministry. He talked about the importance of building relationships through time spent together and his visions for a church that meets people where they are and serves as a safe space in today’s world.  The time we spent in worship was uplifting and just felt right.

We know you’re anxious to meet Pastor Chris and his family – and he’s looking forward to meeting you too! The information in this mailing will serve as an initial introduction, and we hope to circulate a video message from him as well.  You’ll have an opportunity to meet the McCurdys in person on April 25, 2021 when they’re here for candidating Sunday.  In order to allow more people to attend safely, there will be two identical worship services offered at 8:30 and 11:00.  With 6 foot spacing the limit for each service is approximately a 50 people. The sanctuary will be cleaned between services.  We ask that you make a reservation for one of the services using the contact information listed on the back of this letter.

The next step is for the congregation to approve calling Pastor Chris as our pastor.  A congregational meeting has been called for Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 1:00 PM (on Zoom) for the purpose of approving the call to Pastor Chris to be Pastor of United Presbyterian Church and to approve the Terms of Call.  The Terms of Call, which refers to the salary and benefits that have been agreed to, is enclosed with this mailing.  These terms have been approved by Session and Committee on Ministry and accepted by Pastor Chris.

To participate in the congregational meeting, people will log in to the Zoom meeting from home. It’s important to know that each person will need to log in on their own device because the count will be based on one vote per device. The Zoom meeting link, including more information, will be sent out by email the week before the meeting. We’ll contact those without computers and attempt to make other arrangements to participate.

The PNC is humbled by the trust you placed in us and grateful for the ways you’ve supported us, with your understanding and especially with your prayers.  We’ve learned much about patience, and walking with God, and trusting in his timing, not ours. We give thanks for the ways God works among us, for Pastor Chris, for this church, for all of you – and we look to the future with hope!


United in Christ,

The Pastor Nominating Committee:

Kathy Craddock, Marilyn Stroble, Lorrie Mariani, Tom Helsel, Greg Chapman and Bea Holbert